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Ventilation Hatches

Certain facilities to regulate the air conditions inside the room are required to let the ventilation techniques work efficiently. Trough hatches fresh air can enter the room.

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Ventilation Hatches

With hatches in the exterior the supply of fresh air can be regulated. The hatches are attached to a wooden frame with large hinges. Depending on the situation the hatch can be filled with insulation foam. The exterior of the hatch is made of a steelplate which can be delivered in the same color as the outside of the barn.





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Optionally the hatches can be equipped with built-in heating elements for the purpose of automatic thawing the hatches. This is essential in areas where low temperatures occur very often. In this way the hatches will not freeze to the frame.






Hatch Control 

A control system is installed for opening and closing the hatches. Toothed bars are attached to the hatches. These bars connect to a central axis. The axis is moved by an electric motor. This motor can be used manually or with a computer system which automatically opens and closes the hatches.






Another method instead of using hatches is the use of dampers. An advantage of these dampers is a favorable installation depth. A disadvantage is that the dampers are not available in insulated versions. The dampers are delivered with a built-in drive motor.


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